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Medieval Tournament, Belmonte -Cuenca-

The International Medieval Battle is celebrated at the foot of the 15th century castle of Belmonte.

This tournament has its origins in The Battle of the Nations, first held in 2009, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 2014, the Medieval battle world Championship took place in this village of the province of Cuenca. Since then, an International Tournament is celebrated here.

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The Day Of The Geese, Lekeitio -Bilbao-

The Day of the Geese is normally held on September 5th, as a part of the Patronal Festival of Lekeitio, San Antolines. It is a competitive festival with a long tradition.

The port of Lekeitio is full of ‘chalupas‘ (small boats), which are awaiting their turn to sail under the goose (a random lottery, that determines the order in which the ‘chalupas’ sail, is held on the morning). A goose, drenched in oil, hangs on a rope which crosses the harbor from one dock to the other.  Continue reading The Day Of The Geese, Lekeitio -Bilbao-

The ‘Cipotegato, Tarazona -Zaragoza-

The ‘Cipotegato’ is the popular name of the main character of the Tarazona Festivities celebrated in honour of its patron Saint Atilano, who, dressed in a harlequin´s disguise, faces an excited multitude, who cheer him and throw tomatoes at him. It was declared Festival of National Tourist Interest in 2009. Continue reading The ‘Cipotegato, Tarazona -Zaragoza-