Cascamorras Baza Tradition

The Cascamorras, Baza & Guadix -Granada-

Wet, dirty, greasy or sticky, it doesn´t matter; quite the opposite, it looks as if  this kind of festival attracts more and more visitors; and The Cascamorras is a good example of it.

From the 6th to the 9th of September

Cascamorras Baza 2019Baza

Cascamorras Tradition PartyGuadix

The photos above show the main colours at the Cascamorras festival. While in Baza participants get this black colour from drums with “ecological” paint provided by the city council, in Guadix , where the brown colour dominates, this is obtained after mixing powdered pigments with water.


This tradition is believed to date back to the late 15th century, when a farmer from the village of Guadix found an image of the virgin while working in a field located in Baza. It was at this time that a conflict started because people from both villages wanted the image. After being resolved in court, the virgin has always stayed in Baza, although the neighbours of Guadix have the right to enjoy the virgin once a year. The  “Cascamorras” was  kicked out from Baza that first time and, up to now, he has never  been allowed to get the virgin, having to contend not only with people from Baza, but also with his neighbours when he returns home without the image.

Tradition Cascamorras Baza
A club is the only Cascamorras´s defence against the painting.


The Cascamorras in Baza

The entrance of the Cascamorras in Baza takes place on the 6th of September, which is the first day of the Fair of Baza. Everybody goes to the hill to get ready for the fiesta. As soon as the Cascamorras appears the run starts up to the church where the virgin of the Piedad is.

Guadix Cascamorras Tradition

Baza Guadix Cascamorras Tradition

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The Cascamorras in Guadix

Three days later the Cascamorras returns to Guadix and people celebrated it painted in different colours.


Guadix Cascamorras Tradition Granada

Spanish Tradition Cascamorras

Cascamorras Festival in Baza

Granada Cascamorras Spain Tradition




A new Cascamorras has been held in Guadix for the last years, this one for children, in which confetti and streamers replace paints.



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*Festival of International Tourist Interest.

Tips and recommendations:

You should come and take part on this festival soon, in few years it may become another “Tomatina” and the essence of the tradition will have dissapeared.

Apply olive oil to your skin before the painting unless you want to keep the colours on your body for several days.

Avoid using flip-flops as they can be dangerous.

Before choosing the dates, you should take into account that, while the Baza´s fair is beginning with the Cascamorras and different activities and a night fair are held the following days, in Guadix the patronal fiesta is over. But, the wealth on Guadix monumental and its artistic patrimony, as well as its troglodyte caves, can be reason to decide to enjoy the festival here.


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