nava natural cider festival

Cider Festival, Nava

Cider is the typical local drink in Asturias. This year, on the second weekend of July, as usual,  Nava has celebrated its XXXVII Cider Festival. Contests looking for the best local  “escanciadores” (pourers) and awards to the  best brews take place during the two days of the  festival.

Folk music, tasting cider and “tortos” (cornmeal cakes with cream cheese) during the day, whereas liters of cider and live music at night, are the features of this festival.

natural cider festival nava

natural cider festival

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If you are in Asturias during these days, you can visit this village, taste the cider poured by an expert and learn something more about the culture of the cider, by visiting the Cider Museum. It is a quiet festival, but only during the day,  in the evening trains come full of young people who live in neighbouring villages.     


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