Medieval Fair Consuegra

Medieval Fair of Consuegra -Toledo-

In the middle of August Consuegra steps back to 1097, a time in which the moors attempted to conquer its castle and, in the middle of the battle, the son of “El Cid Campeador”*, Diego Rodríguez, lost his life.

The Medieval Fair of Consuegra takes place over three days in mid-August.  More than 500 villagers take part in the dramatized presentations around the town. The main performances take place in the castle, on the promenade along the river and in the bullring, where the “As-Satrany” or a chessboard is the stage for the battle.

On the last night the Funeral Ceremony to honor Diego Rodríguez is representated on Calderico´s mount outside the castle.


Consuegra Medieval Fair

Consuegra Medieval Festival
As-Satrany, death of El Cid´s son

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A fantastic job what these people are doing mainly for fun, but also as a means of promoting cultural tourism in their village.

Consuegra is already world renowed because of the book “El Quijote De La Mancha” and its windmills.  Allthough it is always well worth visiting, over this festival time it becomes more interesesting, as  visitors are able to know, through the theatre performances, a little bit of its history.


*El Cid Campeador: called El Cid (the Lord) by the moors and Campeador (the Champion) by Christians   El Cid Campeador 

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