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My name is Charo Rey. I was born in Madrid. I studied Tourism and Foreign Trade; however, I have been involved with the transportation of heavy lift and dangerous good for many years. Two years ago, I decided to quit my job to enable one of my dreams to come true: working for myself doing what I really like, travelling, meeting new people, new places, new cultures.

Spain is rich in traditions and popular festivals and undoubtedly they attract a great deal of interest across the world. But only some of our traditions are world-renowned, with the majority still unknown, even to some Spaniards. So I set out on the task of knowing and enjoying our festivals & traditions from the inside, by taking an interest in their origins, their reason and, of course, by taking part in them as much as possible.

I was used to travelling abroad, seeking to get to know the culture of the visited country by mixing with their people. The best way to do it, travelling alone and trusting everybody. Although it can sound a little crazy, the result was nearly always positive. Therefore, I found my current aim easier, travelling through my own country looking for interesting traditions and festivals, deepening knowledge of my own culture.

For some time now I have been travelling around Spain to experience our festivals first-hand, to let you know through this blog, what they are about, as well as a little of their origins and history, adding a little bit of my opinion as well as some curiosities you may not find on other websites.

Fifofuspain is the blog of Zooming Travel. In this latter you will find in both, Spanish and English, a lot of info about much more festivals, by scrolling down the Interactive Map.

I am looking forward to hearing from you with opinions, questions or any suggestion. Moreover, if you want to enjoy with me any of the festivals & traditions I propose you up, at the sidebar on the right, be sure you will get to know them from inside.

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