Sitges Major Tradition

“Festa Major de Sitges”, Sitges -Barcelona-

In addition to being a very touristic place and one of the top gay destinations in Europe, Sitges is rich in festivals and celebrations. ‘Festa Major de Sitges‘ is declared as National Tourist Interest. It is celebrated in August in honour of its patron ‘Sant Bartomeu’, and the main event days are the 23rd and 24th (patron´s day).

Sitges Major Festival

Grallers‘ (musicians who play a typical wind instrument), ‘collas’ of giants and big heads, the ‘colla’ of the drac, ‘correfocs’ (fireruns), ‘Els Castellers‘ (human towers), and folk dances such as the ‘Ball de bastons’ (stick dance), Ball de Panderetes (tambourine dance) or the ‘Moixiganga'(1) (religious dance), among others, parade through the streets of the city and accompany the saint out in procession. Most of these ‘collas’ (groups of people) and dances have a long tradition. Others, as the ‘Castellers’ or human towers, are of recent creation (1993).

There is a firework display the night of the 23 which deserves to be highlighted.


Sitges Major Festa


Festa Major Sitges
Els Castellers’ (Human towers)

My personal point of view and some tips

The rich tradition and the huge variety of dances and ‘collas’ have pleasantly surprised me. Nevertheless, what I found most exciting was having the opportunity to join the ‘Castellers’ and take part in the human towers. It really is a very beautiful experience.

Due to the fireworks set off by the drac and the debils among the crowds you should cover your body entirely or stay away from them. Otherwise you will suffer small burns, as I did.

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