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EL ROCIO (I) -What it is and how it is celebrated-, El Rocío -Huelva-

 El Rocío is the most popular pilgrimage in the whole of Andalusia during which more than one hundred brotherhoods gather to pay homage to the virgin of ‘El Rocío’. An incredible number of people exceeding one million attend the festival attracted by the amazing mix of religious worship and Andalusian folklore.

From the 07nd to the 10th of June 2019.

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Day of The Cross, Granada

The DAY OF THE CROSS in Granada, also known as the Holy Cross festival,  is held on May the 3rd.

Origin of The Day of the Cross

The origin is found in 1625, when neighbours of San Lázaro set up an alabaster cross and sang and danced around it. Over the years, it became a tradition. Little by little similar crosses were placed in other old quarters. In some of them, such as ‘Albaicín’ and ‘Realejo’, it was the children who placed small altars with crosses, adding pottery and copper objects as decoration.

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Octopus Festival, O Carballiño -Ourense-

Although a lot of ‘Fiestas del Pulpo’ take place throughout Galicia, the Octopus Festival of O Carballiño is one of the most remarkable gastronomic events of this province, therefore thousands of people come together each year to the village to enjoy the fest. Continue reading Octopus Festival, O Carballiño -Ourense-