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Octopus Festival, O Carballiño -Ourense-

Although a lot of ‘Fiestas del Pulpo’ take place throughout Galicia, the Octopus Festival of O Carballiño is one of the most remarkable gastronomic events of this province, therefore thousands of people come together each year to the village to enjoy the fest. Continue reading Octopus Festival, O Carballiño -Ourense-

Folkloric Descent of the Nalón, Pola de Laviana

The Folkloric Descent of the Nalón is a fun and festive sailing event that takes place along the Nalón river in the county of Laviana, in the region of Asturias. Original boats are built by the participants, who have to sail the boat along a river which has very little flow.

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Medieval Tournament, Belmonte -Cuenca-

The International Medieval Battle is celebrated at the foot of the 15th century castle of Belmonte.

This tournament has its origins in The Battle of the Nations, first held in 2009, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 2014, the Medieval battle world Championship took place in this village of the province of Cuenca. Since then, an International Tournament is celebrated here.

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The ‘Cipotegato, Tarazona -Zaragoza-

The ‘Cipotegato’ is the popular name of the main character of the Tarazona Festivities celebrated in honour of its patron Saint Atilano, who, dressed in a harlequin´s disguise, faces an excited multitude, who cheer him and throw tomatoes at him. It was declared Festival of National Tourist Interest in 2009. Continue reading The ‘Cipotegato, Tarazona -Zaragoza-