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Medieval Tournament, Belmonte -Cuenca-

The International Medieval Battle is celebrated at the foot of the 15th century castle of Belmonte.

This tournament has its origins in The Battle of the Nations, first held in 2009, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 2014, the Medieval battle world Championship took place in this village of the province of Cuenca. Since then, an International Tournament is celebrated here.

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Medieval Fair of Consuegra -Toledo-

In the middle of August Consuegra steps back to 1097, a time in which the moors attempted to conquer its castle and, in the middle of the battle, the son of “El Cid Campeador”*, Diego Rodríguez, lost his life.

The Medieval Fair of Consuegra takes place over three days during which more than 500 villagers take part in the dramatized presentations around the town. The main performances take place in the castle, on the promenade along the river and in the bullring, where the “As-Satrany” or a chessboard is the stage for the battle.

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