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WorldPride Madrid 2017

Whoever you love, Madrid loves you” This was the motto chosen for the WorldPride 2017.

 Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first Pride protest in Spain, Madrid became this year’s WorldPride host, the most important event for the LGBT Community. So, I felt compelled to stay in the city and experience myself what was going on during those days. In addition, it happened to be the 30th anniversary of the first celebrations held in the neighborhood of Chueca.

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Near Death Experiences, As Neves -Pontevedra

The Near Death Experiences festival, officially named “Romería de Santa Marta de Ribarteme”, is a celebration held every July 29th in San Xosé de Ribarteme, As Neves, in the province of Pontevedra.

The highlight of this romeria it is the fact that some people participate in it in coffins, being carried by family and friends.  This is how local people show gratitude towards Saint Martha – patron saint of resurrection, after surviving a close brush with death or asking for a cure from a serious illness. Continue reading Near Death Experiences, As Neves -Pontevedra

“Curro de Candaoso” Viveiro, Lugo

Curro de Candaoso” or ‘Rapa Das Bestas’ of San Andrés de Boimente takes place on the first Sunday in July.  During the early hours and after the traditional breakfast of garlic soup, the horsemen round up the semi-feral horses living on the mountain and lead them to the ‘curro’ (corral), where the spectacle begins around eleven am. Continue reading “Curro de Candaoso” Viveiro, Lugo