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Cádiz Carnival, -Andalucía-

It was something pending on my list and I did not want to wait any longer. As the Carnival of Cádiz is one of the most famous in Spain, I had to go there and explore the entire city to experience all that was going on during Carnival.

Unlike most carnivals, focus on the showiness of the costumes, the imaginative attire is which people in Cádiz give more importance to.  However, the main attraction of this carnival is the criticism, parody, and sarcasm involving the city during these days.

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Viking Festival, Catoira


Every first Sunday in August (6 August 2017), a Viking invasion is recreated in Catoira town, north-western Spain. The historic Viking Landing took place over a thousand years ago; this is the main event of the Viking Festival of Catoira.

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