Fight with sword and shield at the Medieval Battle of Belmonte

Medieval Tournament, Belmonte -Cuenca-

The International Medieval Battle is celebrated at the foot of the 15th century castle of Belmonte.

This tournament has its origins in The Battle of the Nations, first held in 2009, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 2014, the Medieval battle world Championship took place in this village of the province of Cuenca. Since then, an International Tournament is celebrated here.

2020, from March to May.

It is an impressive full contact competition in which warriors on foot wear heavy armours (25-30 kg) as well as weapons of the fourteenth and fifteenth century.  The competitors have to follow a standardized set of rules. They fight in different varieties of duel: longsword, sword and shield with female categories, both in small group battles and mass field battles. More details about it.

International Medieval Festival Spain

Up to three hundred fighters of ten different nationalities took part this year 2015.

During tournament days, visitors can also enjoy in Belmonte a medieval market with falconry, archery and buffoons among the variety of entertainments.

My personal point of view

The castle of Belmonte, built by the powerful Marquis of Villena, is worth a visit; not just because it is one of the best preserved medieval castles, but also due to the amount of information that can be found here regarding the founders and the medieval times.

Medieval Battle Festival in Spain

Medieval Battle Cuenca

The battles are impressive. The clashes of swords are heard from the grandstands. Furthermore, I was atonished when, standing nearby the battlefield, a fighter, once his fight was over, started to call desperatedly to his squire, who ran towards the fighter and rapidly took his helmet off, then leaning against the wall, the fighter started to be sick.  

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