Large Brooms Jarandilla

“Los Escobazos” (The large brooms), Jarandilla de la Vera -Cáceres-

Los EscobazosFestival takes place on the 7th of December,  the day preceding the Virgin Conception in which brooms take the leading role in this village in La Vera Valley.

In the past, shepherds came back to the village to celebrate this day. It is said that brooms were used to light the paths and they were exchanged as a sign of greeting and welcome, being also used during the procession celebrated in honour of the Virgin.

Escobazos Festival Jarrandilla
Main square of Jarandilla de la Vera

As night falls, people carrying lit brooms arrive into Jarandilla main square, where the ‘escobazos’ (light knocks with the burning brooms) take place. Festive atmosphere, people singing and playing their instruments and a lot of smoke.

When the procession starts, all the brooms are held up and horses and small donkeys appear on the scene to accompany the virgin´s banner around the streets. Fires located in strategic places are burned as the procession passes.


Jarandilla de la Vega Festival
Small donkey following the procession

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Tips and recommendations:

Wear old cloth without man-made fibres or wear a cotton coveralls, it is the typical dress of this “fiesta”. Use a hat and cover your hair completly. Also you may need some protection from the smoke, as sometimes is so thick that breathing is really difficult.

If you want to help them to keep the tradition alive and you want to participate, you must be aware that it is only allowed to give “escobazos” on the back from the bottom down.

Coveralls and brooms are sold in several shops.



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