Maritime Procession Luarca

Maritime Procession of Virgen del Rosario, Luarca -Asturias-

At last a maritime procession! The 15th August is the date on which many festivals are held in Spain, so that it is difficult to choose one from all of them. It is the setting of a beautiful fishing village and the Cantabrian Coast, together with this kind of procession, that has made me choose this one.

This fiesta, has been declared of  Nacional Tourist Interest and is celebrated in honour of the virgin Del Rosario,  to whom miracles on the high seas have been attributed. 


Maritime Procession Asturias
The image of the virgin is being taken to the dock.

The main event of this three-day celebration is the maritime procession which takes place after a mass. Fishing and recreational boats decorated with flags sail around the fishing boat where the virgin is. A wreath is thrown to the sea in remembrance of the sailors who have perished at sea.

Rosario Luarca Procession
The wreath is already floatting on the sea

The best way to see this procession is from one of these boats, and once it enters the port, throw yourself into the water; it is part of the tradition.

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Port of Luarca
After the procession, the party starts. A crowd around the port and cider everywhere waiting for live music.


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