Natural Cider Festival Gijon

Guinness Record on Pouring Cider, Gijón

Gijón broke a new Guinness world record on pouring natural cider. This year 8.448 participants took part on this multitudinous event, as a part of a “Fiesta” which pays homage to this drink.

This festival takes place during the last week of August, when it is possible to visit cider-press houses, attend to the contest of the best pouring people or learn the cider pouring ritual, besides tasting cider and participating in the “Cancios de Chigre” (popular songs which the crowd sings in the city´s main square).

Cider Pouring Ritual Gijon

Poniente´s beach is the spot where the Guinness Record is beaten every year.

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Cider festival Gijón (23)

It may be tempting to be part of a Guinness record, to learn something else about the cider culture and to enjoy the impressive sea views of the Asturias province.

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