Running Bulls Festival Pamplona

Sanfermines, Pamplona -Navarra-

‘Sanfermines’ is, probably, the most crowded and wellknown festival of Spain. Iit is not only the eight exciting runnings which take place at 08:00 am every morning, but also the party atmosphere in every corner of the city that attract thousands of visitors. Of course was declared of International Tourist Interest.

Origin of ‘Sanfermines’

The Sanfermines running of the bulls is a celebration of medieval origin, when the fighting bulls were brought from the countryside to the main square by the herdsmen helped along the way by the shouts of the villagers and their sticks.  It was not until the end of the 19th Century, that the villagers started to run in front of the bulls.

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Cameras ready for the best snapshot

San Fermin Bull Race Spain
Estafeta street is the most dangerous one for the runnings, here this bull out of the herd wounded several runners.
Sanfermin Pamplona Tradition
This festival takes its name in honour of Saint Fermin. The back side of the image can be seen in the background of the photograph.
Sanfermin Festival History
The 14th of June is the last running and that night inhabitants from Pamplona and the foreigners who are still present meet together at twelve in the “Pobre de Mi” to bid farewell to this festival.
Sanfermin Spanish tradition Pamplona
Crying to the Saint because the Runnings and the Festival are over

If you want to enjoy Sanfermines, you should go during the week time, it will be not so crowded and it will be easier to find a place to stay. Anyway, book early in advance. 


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