Baby Jumping Festival, Castrillo de Murcia -Burgos-


The Baby Jumping is the popular name by which the Spanish festival of “El Colacho” is internationally known. It is held in Castrillo de Murcia, Burgos province, as part of the Corpus Christi celebrations (from Wednesday before Corpus until the following Monday). 14-18 June 2017

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The Day Of The Geese, Lekeitio -Bilbao-

The Day of the Geese is normally held on September 5th, as a part of the Patronal Festival of Lekeitio, San Antolines. It is a competitive festival with a long tradition.

The port of Lekeitio is full of ‘chalupas‘ (small boats), which are awaiting their turn to sail under the goose (a random lottery, that determines the order in which the ‘chalupas’ sail, is held on the morning). A goose, drenched in oil, hangs on a rope which crosses the harbor from one dock to the other.  Continue reading The Day Of The Geese, Lekeitio -Bilbao-

Sanfermines, Pamplona -Navarra-

‘Sanfermines’ is, probably, the most crowded and wellknown festival of Spain. Iit is not only the eight exciting runnings which take place at 08:00 am every morning, but also the party atmosphere in every corner of the city that attract thousands of visitors. Of course was declared of International Tourist Interest.

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