Moors and Christians Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa Landing -Moors and Christians-

Declared of International Tourist Interest and part of the Moors and Christians celebrations which take place in Villajoyosa at the end of July, the Villajoyosa Landing has been held for over 250 years in honour of its patron Saint Marta.

A little bit of history

It commemorates events occurred in 1538, when Berber pirates approached the coastline to invade the town. Santa Marta helped the townsfolk by causing a flood which prevented the attack of Villajoyosa.

How the Villajoyosa Landing is celebrated

In the early hours of the 28th, a fleet of Moorish vessels appears close to the coast, while the Christians get ready their artillery. With visual effects and sounds of blunderbusses, the moors jump into the see to conquer de castle. In the afternoon the Christian soldiers recover the castle and after unsuccessful negotiations,  a battle takes place in front of the castle, ending up with the Moors being sent back to sea.

Moros y Cristianos History

The Moors and Christians celebration starts the 24th and lasts seven days. It offers a rich programme of events, parades of both factions, several representations and a small landing for the younger pirates.

Moros y Cristianos Tradition

Moors Christians Villajoyosa Festival

More photos of the Landing of Villajoyosa

Moors Christians Villajoyosa Tradition

If you like photography, are fond of Moors and Christians festivities and you want to get to know a beautiful, colourful coastal village, you have to visit Villajoyosa at this time of the year.

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