Walking Pillar

“Walking Pillar” -Santa Tecla Festival-, Tarragona

A “walking pillar” is a kind of ‘Castell’ (Human Tower) formed by one person per level. The main feature here is that the ‘castellers’ don´t remain still, but they walk and even go up and down stairs.

It has been on these days in Tarragona, at the Santa Tecla Festival (September 24th), that I have seen such singular human towers, unknown to me up to the time. Consequently, I have devoted a short post to it.

Human Tower Festival Tarragona
Walking Pillar going down the stairs of the cathedral

The “Baixada dels Pilars” (Descent of the Pillars) is an example of these walking pillars. Each ‘castellers’’ team builds two towers, but only one of them will be the walking pillar. It has to ‘climb’down the twenty steps of the Cathedral and then walk down the ‘Calle Mayor’ street trying to get to the City Council; which is not always achievable, as you might imagine.

I would like to point out that ‘Els Castells’, with more than two Centuries of tradition, are among the Unesco Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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